We are working for a healthier life.

Menta Pharma is a pharmaceutical company that produces products with international quality standards in the pharmaceutical sector and is at the forefront with its service quality.

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Customer Orientation

Menta Pharma puts emphasis on discovering and developing new products.

Corporate Responsibility Consciousness

Menta Pharma has ethical, transparent management mentality as the sense of responsibility towards its stakeholders and sees that policy as an integral part of its business mentality.

Balanced and Sustainable Growth

Menta Pharma aims to provide a balanced and sustainable growth as opens to continuous development.

Menta Pharma

Menta Pharma fully complies with local and international standards and regulations relevant for pharmaceutical sector and fulfils all the GMPs through constant monitoring. Our purpose is to create a sustainable quality system by ensuring the internalization of the basic compliance and ethical rules by our employees, managers, and officers with effective trainings and meticulous internal audits.