About Us

Menta Pharma

Menta Pharma, founded by YAKAR family in 2015, is a 100% Turkish capital-owned company. Menta Pharma has its own comprehensive team of experts who devotes its collaborative efforts in order to manufacture products at international standards and attains a distinguished position in the sector with high product quality.

Menta Pharma has its own registered products manufactured at the Mefar İlac, which is a contract manufactures, and put them into the health sector. Menta Pharma is growing by adding new products to its existing product portfolio in a short time. The company works for founding its own manufacturing plant with 100% Turkish capital in order to manufacture its own registered products.

Our company manufactures products with international quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry and also works with a team of experts in order to be a company that is in the front line with service quality in the Turkish pharmaceutical sector.


Customer Orientation

Menta Pharma has the principle to produce and deliver affordable products without sacrificing quality. The company focuses customer satisfaction and plans to increase the customer satisfaction.

Menta Pharma puts emphasis on discovering and developing new products. The company continues to provide service in the pharmaceutical sector in Turkey with the modern technology and new products in the R&D in accordance with the FDA standards.

Corporate Responsibility Consciousness

Menta Pharma has ethical, transparent management mentality as the sense of responsibility towards its stakeholders and sees that policy as an integral part of its business mentality.



Balanced and Sustainable Growth

Menta Pharma aims to provide a balanced and sustainable growth as opens to continuous development. The company also aims to grow until 2023 by rising as in Turkey’s pharmaceutical market with the vision of being a company that continues to rise, makes significant R&D investments, and make a name for itself with the quality of the domestic market as well as taking place among the most exporting Turkish companies.

Enviromental and Human Health

Committed to managing its business in an environmentally responsible manner, MentaPharma will make a continual effort to prevent negative effects upon the environment and ensure the health, safety and welfare of its employees.


Our Vision

In its relentless effort, Menta Pharma is focused on offering innovative and differentiated products that will position us for growth into the 15 biggest generic companies in Turkey by 2023. In doing so, it is uncompromising in both ensuring a safe work environment and protecting public human health.

Our Mission

Menta Pharma’s corporate responsibility encompasses dual objectives: targeting a quality of life at international standards for our society and becoming a reliable firm with professionalism as the guiding principle.