Human Resources

Our Human Resources Policies

Menta Pharma strongly believes that the recruitment of highly educated and qualified manpower by creating new job opportunities and opening up new career paths,is the key to achieving its vision with its research-focused and innovative identity.

Our Human Resources Policies follows as:
To have educated, curious, brave, open-minded, and innovative people who respect and cherish the enviroment
To support personal and Professional development of our employees and to raise their life quality
To train our employees according to their individual skills, to enhance their competencies, and to encourage them to reach high performance
To keep our employees engaged and motivated and satisfied
To improve workplace communication and to build up a culture of transparency and accountability
To make objective assessments and evaluations
Job Application

We are focused on identifying, attracting and developing the most talented people (experienced or with no previous experience in the pharmaceutical sector) to join our team. We look for teammates with diverse backgrounds and perspectives who will thrive within our creative, dynamic and participatory culture, and contribute to our long-term success.

Job Application Job Application

Menta Pharma offers the opportunity to intern in relevant departments to all students at universities who study at vocational schools or technical schools and people who have compulsory internship..

Internship Internship